Presentation Coaching for Financing, M&A, IPO & Investor Roadshows

Investor presentations are high stakes events you cannot afford to get wrong.
Presentation Coaching
Experience tells us that investors are seeking a presentation that not only clearly defines the investable opportunity and answers their many questions, but also that is delivered with passion and conviction.
We prepare executives and management teams to excel in these live investor presentations including, IPO, M&A, and other fundraising roadshows. Our coaching ensures your presentation has impact, retaining the core DNA of your team and delivering the key messages that will attract investors.

We recognise that investor presentations can be won or lost in the Q&A. Investors have many questions, and often use this time to test both the knowledge of your team but also their resilience under intense questioning. We spend a great deal of time preparing you for investor questioning, helping you turn intense questioning, into an opportunity to persuade.

What our clients say

For my management team this was the first time presenting together to potential investors. Hatwell understood the process and made sure we were fully prepared both as a team and as individuals. We felt supported and hand-held throughout the process.
CEO & President, Biotech Firm
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