Executive Coaching

As coaches, we are often asked what the key is to unlock potential.
We believe self-reflection has that power, combined with a commitment to continuous personal improvement. Our job as coaches is to lead our clients on that journey, to build self-awareness, uncover underused strengths and develop strategies to remove behaviours that distract them from reaching their full potential.
We work with clients from a broad set of backgrounds, from C-Suite Executives, Business Founders & Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Managing Directors to anyone aspiring to these positions. What they share is a curiosity to understand themselves better and a determination to continuously improve their performance.
Our clients come to us seeking to:
Improve their personal
effectiveness & performance
Transition to more
senior positions
Start a new
Set, and
implemenT strategy
Navigate uncertainty and
develop personal resilience
Build and motivate
high performing teams
Develop high potentials
and leadership talent

What to expect when you engage a Hatwell Coach:

  • Initial chemistry call/meeting
  • Agree on your coaching objectives
  • Session plan and statement of work exchanged
  • 360 feedback and Personality Assessments completed (if included)
  • Coaching starts
  • Midpoint review (including sponsor if appropriate)
  • End of coaching review
All our coaching takes place either face to face or virtually, depending on your preference.

What our clients say

My coach struck exactly the right balance, she was supportive and at the same time challenged me to explore new ways to both manage myself and my team. These sessions were highly practical and immediately relevant to my day to day.
Director, Private Equity Firm
Until now I was a sceptic of Executive Coaching, I am now a convert. Having, regular, dedicated time to explore, and ultimately solve, the challenges I faced moving into a new MD role has proven to be an invaluable investment.
MD, Investment Bank
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