As 2024 steps into gear, it's a great time to think about how you can reset and redefine your team's goals. 

As a manager, you carry the weight of helping your team understand just how critical their roles are for the company's success. It's a big responsibility, but also an opportunity to challenge your folks to reach their full potential.

Hatwell Group has helped hundreds of managers develop their teams, and we want to share with you a simple but effective framework for setting goals that we've found truly drives engagement and performance. It’ll help your team thrive in 2024.

So, let's talk about the 3 Cs of Goal Setting. 

First up, Context. When you're sitting down with your team, hashing out the goals for the upcoming quarter, do they see the big picture? It's about making sure everyone gets that even the smallest task is a piece of the larger puzzle—contributing to the success of the team, department, and the whole organization.

Think about it like giving your team a map instead of just directions. When they have the full map, they can navigate on their own, make smart decisions, and they won't need to run to you every time they hit a crossroad – they'll feel empowered. 

Next, Clarity. Think back to some of the tough year-end conversations you’ve had. Often, the disagreement isn’t about what was done, but whether it matched what was expected. We've all heard it before: "I didn't know that was part of my job," or "I have boosted sales, but you never said it had to be by 10%!" It's like a lightbulb moment when you realize that clear goals could've saved you from those awkward conversations.

It's crucial that everyone's on the same page about what needs to be done, by when, and where the responsibilities lie. Even the goals that seem less tangible need some form of measurement. Otherwise, we're just setting the stage for miscommunication and frustration.

And lastly, Challenge. You've probably heard that goals should be achievable. Well, that's true, but great goals, the kind that really get people motivated, they demand a bit of a stretch. They nudge your team just outside their comfort zones. It's in that space, that stretch zone, where real growth happens.

Optimising Goal Setting: Achieving the Perfect Balance

Imagine a rubber band. If it's just sitting there, not stretched, it's not doing its job. Stretch it too far, and snap – it's no good to anyone. But stretch it just enough, and it holds everything together perfectly. That's the sweet spot for goals. They should push your team to reach further, but not so far that they break. It's about hitting that perfect balance where they're growing and feeling that buzz of achievement, without tipping into a full-blown panic.

Setting these kinds of goals takes a bit more effort, but the payoff is massive. By embracing Hatwell’s 3 Cs, you can kick the year off right, ensuring that your teams will be more productive, more engaged, and ready to drive their own success. Plus, this investment may spare you from having to deliver a more challenging message at the end of the year.

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