Andrea Dyson joins Hatwell Group

We’re excited to welcome Andrea Dyson. Andrea brings a wealth of Sales & Trading experience following 14 years on Wall Street and we’re thrilled to have her join us in New York.

Andrea joined Hatwell after 14 years on Wall Street, where she was most recently regional head of a Sales & Trading division at Morgan Stanley. 

She was responsible for five trading businesses and over one hundred employees in that role. Previously, she was divisional COO and led cross-functional projects, often reporting to Senior Management. Throughout her leadership positions, she enjoyed coaching people on their development and careers and being a trusted advisor and confidant to senior management.

Andrea’s professional experience gives her a unique viewpoint on the organizational structure, politics, and personalities within finance. She’s acutely aware of the communication, leadership, and people skills needed to succeed in a demanding and fast-paced industry. Her empathy and results-driven approach, which made her an admired leader and mentor within banking, now make her a superb Executive Coach. 

Andrea is passionate about giving high achievers the right tools and support to reach their professional goals. She has coached executives in front-office roles across Investment Banks, Asset Management, Venture Capital, and Startups.  

Born in Ecuador, Andrea moved to the US at an early age and is fluent in Spanish.

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