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We know that even the most experienced businesses and leaders often need an outside perspective. Our team has the depth of experience combined with a supportive yet challenging approach to help you solve the complex business and personal challenges you face.

Jason Blackwell

Jason co-founded Hatwell Group and is a renowned leadership coach in the financial services industry. With his action-oriented and forthright coaching approach, Jason is known for bringing out the best in his clients in the fast-paced and demanding world of finance.

Jason began his coaching journey in 2006 after retiring from the British Royal Navy, where he served as an Officer and specialized as a commando.

During his service, Jason saw operational service in Bosnia and the Iraq war in 2003. Based on his military experience, Jason developed a leadership coaching style emphasizing clarity, focus, and action.

Today, Jason works with the biggest names in the financial services industry, including banks, asset managers, private equity firms, and hedge funds. He also frequently collaborates with management teams on IPO and trade sale roadshow presentations, helping them to refine their messaging and deliver their presentations with impact.

In 2023, Jason published his first book, ‘Battle to the Top,’ which provides a guide to action-based leadership in financial services. Drawing on his years of experience and unique coaching philosophy, Jason offers practical advice and insights to help leaders navigate the challenges of the finance industry and rise to the top.

Hattie Bollerman

Hattie, a co-founder of Hatwell Group, brings a deep and diverse coaching and consulting experience to her collaborations with clients. Those clients include international banks, asset managers, hedge funds, private equity firms and corporates.

With over ten years in the executive coaching space, Hattie’s recent engagements have ranged from communication coaching for a small banking group, helping a management team excel during their IPO process to facilitating large (100+) female-focused conversations about the communication and personal skills pivotal to success.

Hattie coaches one-on-one to help clients with communication, leadership, EQ, confidence and career management. She adapts her style to the needs and personality of the client, while providing practical and action-oriented advice.

Coaching engagements take many forms, some being situational and brief, while other collaborations are ongoing. Hattie’s earlier career included multiple capital markets roles, as well as a stint in the retail brokerage space, while completing a Master’s Degree program.

Hattie holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English and French as well as a Master’s Degree in Counseling.

Gareth Lewis

Gareth is an accredited Executive Coach based in London with 20 years of experience in Financial Sales.

Since becoming a full-time coach 11 years ago, he has helped countless clients unlock strategies and develop tools that have set them and their businesses on a path for sustained success. He leverages the insights and lessons he learnt during his finance career as the foundations for a results-focused coaching practice that encourages self-reflection, challenging dialogue, and bold action. 

Before coaching, Gareth worked first as a Stockbroker, then a Private Banker for Merrill Lynch Bank of America. In 2012, he made coaching his full-time career, gaining International Coaching Federation (ICF) accreditation in 2019. 

Recent clients have included leading Asset Managers, Investment Banks, Private Banks, and Wealth Managers, as well as Private Equity firms and their clients. He also works with Sovereign Wealth Funds, Business Schools, and Management Consultancies.


Kevin is the head of Hatwell’s leadership practice and brings more than 16 years of experience designing and delivering learning solutions for financial services professionals to this role. He has served in multiple leadership roles in talent and learning. Most recently he was the Global Head of Leadership Development for Credit Suisse, responsible for driving the bank’s overall leadership and executive development strategy.

In that role, he led a global team of learning professionals to deliver best-in-class leadership development for over 10,000 managers worldwide. In addition, Kevin was responsible for driving key talent initiatives at Credit Suisse, having launched global high potential programs for critical positions across the bank.

Throughout his career, Kevin has designed and facilitated leadership and talent programs across multiple regions and businesses and has coached leaders at all levels of the organization.

Kevin also managed the global Managing Director Promotion process and the global coaching practice at Credit Suisse, adding to his rich understanding of organizational talent management.

Before his career in leadership development, Kevin spent three years in the United States Army serving at Fort Bragg with the 82nd Airborne. Upon leaving the military, Kevin earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Music and a master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from New York University.

Kevin’s certifications include the MBTI, Hogan, DiSC, NEO-PR, Leadership Circle 360, and the Human Synergistics Leadership Workstyles 360.
Andrea Dyson joined Hatwell Group after 14 years on Wall Street, where she was most recently regional head of a Sales & Trading division at Morgan Stanley.


Andrea joined Hatwell after 14 years on Wall Street, where she was most recently regional head of a Sales & Trading division at Morgan Stanley.

She was responsible for five trading businesses and over one hundred employees in that role. Previously, she was divisional COO and led cross-functional projects, often reporting to Senior Management.

Throughout her leadership positions, she enjoyed coaching people on their development and careers and being a trusted advisor and confidant to senior management. Andrea’s professional experience gives her a unique viewpoint on the organizational structure, politics, and personalities within finance.

She’s acutely aware of the communication, leadership, and people skills needed to succeed in a demanding and fast-paced industry. Her empathy and results-driven approach, which made her an admired leader and mentor within banking, now make her a superb Executive Coach.

Andrea is passionate about giving high achievers the right tools and support to reach their professional goals. She has coached executives in front-office roles across Investment Banks, Asset Management, Venture Capital, and Startups.

Born in Ecuador, Andrea moved to the US at an early age and is fluent in Spanish.

Steve Berkery

Steve Berkery is a seasoned global talent management and development expert with an extensive 25-year career within the Financial Services industry. He is widely recognized for his exceptional ability to nurture leaders and teams to reach their peak potential. Steve is known for his talent in creating programs that enhance employee engagement and contribute to higher retention rates.

Steve served as the Global Head of Talent at Nomura in his most recent role, overseeing teams in the US, Europe, and Asia. His responsibilities included talent and performance management, executive coaching, and spearheading learning and development initiatives across all divisions.

Before Nomura, Steve was Director of Talent Development at Credit Suisse, where he played a pivotal role in talent development within Investment Banking, Asset Management, Private Banking, Finance, and Operations.

With a track record of facilitating numerous programs in organizational effectiveness, team performance, leadership development, and communication, Steve excels in creating an open and challenging environment, allowing leaders to hone the essential skills and behaviors required for success.

Steve holds certifications as a Marshall Goldsmith Executive Coach and in Myers Briggs, Hogan, and DiSC facilitation. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from New Paltz and his Masters in Organizational Development from Fordham University.
Steve Berkery joins Hatwell Group

Sharon Blease

Sharon is the Operations Manager at Hatwell. With over ten years of experience working with Financial Services, Sharon is an essential member of our team, responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of our business.

Originally from South Africa, Sharon now calls London her home. Sharon's experience working in various industries, including hospitality, media, entertainment, and start-ups, has provided her invaluable expertise working in a fast-paced and demanding environment.

Her experience makes her the perfect partner for Hatwell's diverse client base. As the first point of contact for our clients, Sharon handles onboarding, logistics, and operations. Both our team and clients appreciate her efficient, collaborative, and friendly approach.

With her exceptional communication skills and attention to detail, Sharon ensures that all aspects of our business run smoothly and efficiently, making our clients' lives easier.

Liv Blaney

Liv is an accredited Executive Coach with 16 years’ leadership experience at Goldman Sachs, where she most recently ran global Operations teams. Prior experiences included leading cross-functional change programs, strategy development and client relationship management roles.

Liv has been coaching professionally since 2018, an International Coaching Federation Accredited coach since 2022, and is in the final year of an MSc in Coaching for Behaviour Change at Henley Business School.

Her final year specialisation is in neurodiversity and coaching, building on previous experience in ADHD coaching.

Her adaptable & broad coaching toolkit, leadership experiences and passion for seeing her clients achieve their goals enables her to deliver a client-orientated, impactful coaching experience.

Prior to Goldman Sachs, Liv spent three years working at Cadbury-Schweppes in logistics.

Liv has a master’s in manufacturing engineering from Cambridge University and a diploma in Counselling and Psychoanalysis.
Liv Blaney is an accredited Executive Coach with 16 years’ leadership experience at Goldman Sachs

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